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Would you like your software or book be review on Valent Blog?

I accept to review your software or book here. We have already reviewed some stuff.

Only few requirements:

  • if your product is a book, please send me a free paper book. I will read it and then I write a review that will be publish on blog.
  • If your product is a software, send me a full working copy (not a demo or a trial, I accept a download edition) and, in this case, add the activation key.
  • If your item is a piece of hardware, send me the product and pay attention to tax fees because I will not pay the fees for parcel.
  • If it is a vps (virtual private server) or a kind of hosting service, provide me at least 2-month access.

Important: If you are in U.S., mark your parcel as a gift otherwise I have to pay taxes.

I would be nice if you make a donation to sustain blog costs, so please contact me in any case at:

Toshiba 4TB Canvio Basics Portable External Hard Drive,USB 3.2. Gen 1, Black (HDTB440EK3AA)

Importante: non inviate spam e neppure comunicati stampa o promozioni altrimenti segnalerò il vostro indirizzo all’abuse. Tutte le email non autorizzate inviate con programmi per la gestione di mailing list, verranno inviate all’abuse.

Do not send spam, advertisement or press releases.

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  1. Hello,

    I would like inform you that KernSafe Technologies released first in the world WinCE and Windows Mobile iSCSI Initiator.

    This software allow user to connect to iSCSI target using phone (or WinCE device) for free! Thanks to that user can very easily expand storage in his phone (or WinCE device), even additional 2TB is not a problem now!

    If you only have a Windows CE Embedded 4.x to 7.x or Windows Mobile 4.x to 6.x device, please feel free to check it out here:

    You can also watch a video tutorial about this software on YouTube here:

    If you will have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Matt Williams

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