Social Bookmarking RELOADED 2.5

A new version of Social Bookmarking Reloaded has been released, it add a new social seotribu. A link has been fixed, thanks to submitter. A SEO improvement has been adopted: tag rel no follow for all social links.

Social Bookmarking RELOADED 2.5 è stato rilasciato. E’ stato aggiunto un nuovo social italiano: seotribu. Il link che porta verso StumbeUpon è stato modificato grazie ad un utente che ha segnalato un problema. E’ stato implementato il tag rel no follow per tutti i link dei social, per la gioia dei seo.

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  1. frank ha detto:

    nice plugin but i noticed that the selection area to exclude pages wasn’t working properly so i changed your SQL syntax from:

    “select id, post_title from $wpdb->posts where post_status = ‘static’ order by post_title asc”


    “select id, post_title from $wpdb->posts where post_type = ‘page’ order by post_title asc”

    and it works just fine now.



  2. admin ha detto:

    Thank you for your suggestion.

  3. pod ha detto:

    Thanks for the nice plugin

    From now on my blog will be using it 🙂

    I solvede the problem of the ‘selection area to exclude pages’ as suggested by frank and it works nicely now

    Just one small thing: the borders and size of the small logos of the bookmarking sites are defined by your plugin or by my theme styleshhet (sorry i’m not that good here)? And is there an easy weay to make them a little smaller?

    Thank you again

  4. admin ha detto:

    The improvement by Frank is just updated in truck source of plugin. The border are defined by plugin, but I look for solution.

  5. SecondoMe ha detto:

    Bel plugin, da oggi lo userò su

    A presto,


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