Social Bookmarking RELOADED

a wordpress plug-in for bookmarking

Lastest version (ultima versione): 3.16

Download Social Bookmarking Reloaded

Note: In blue character colour there are the instructions in italian. It is compatible with WordPress 2.9.2

Nota: le istruzioni in italiano sono scritte in blu. E’ compatibile con WordPress 2.9.2

The Social Bookmarking RELOADED plugin for WordPress adds a list of XHTML

compliant graphic links at the end of your posts and/or pages that allow your visitors to easily

submit them in a number of social bookmarking sites.

Furthermore, the plugin adds a page in the WordPress admin section that lets you customize it.

See the Customization section below for details.

Social Bookmarking RELOADED è un plugin basato sul plugin Social Bookmarks 3.2.

Dalla versione 1.0 alla versione 1.7 di RELOADED il plugin si chiamava Social Bookmarks RELOADED, ora ha preso il nome di Social Bookmarking RELOADED.

Il plugin non fa altro che aggiungere delle icone che consentono una rapida segnalazione dei post e dei commenti presso i princiali social boormarking service. Questo plugin a differenza di molti che circolano in rete, aggiunge molti siti italiani ed è stato modificato proprio per avere un buon supporto dei social del Bel paese.

Da questa versione sono supportati oltre 50 servizi, tra i quali parecchi italiani:

The following 62 sites are supported:

delicious, digg, furl, blinklist, reddit, feed_me, technorati, yahoo, newsvine, socializer, magnolia, stumbleupon, google, rawsugar, squidoo, spurl, blinkbits, netvouz, rojo, blogmarks, shadows, simpy, comments, scuttle, bloglines, tailrank, segnalo, oknotizie, netscape, bookmark_it, ask, smarking, linkagogo, delirious, socialdust,, slashdot, sphinn, diggita, seotribu, facebook, upnews, wikio, healthranker, barrapunto, Notizieflash, Kipapa, Fai informazione, Blogmemes, Blogsphere news, Blogsvine, Mixx, Scoopeo, Myspace, ziczac, plim, indianpad, twitter, technotizie, blue dot, diggitsport, connotea, leonaut, mister-wong.

Based on GNU GPL Social Bookmarks 3.2 plugin by Apostolos Dountsis (

Update Instructions (from version RELOADED 1.8 to now) – Aggiornamento del plugin (dalla versione 1.8)

Upload all the contents of the social-bookmarking-reloaded directory to your wp-content/plugins/social-bookmarking-reloaded directory.

Delete the folder social-bookmarks-reloaded.

Than activate the plugin in plugin menu of control pan.

Caricare l’intero contenuto della cartella social-bookmarking-reloaded, presente nel file .zip, all’interno della directory wp-content/plugins/social-bookmarking-reloaded che si trova sul server.

Cancellare la cartella social-bookmarks-reloaded che conteneva il vecchio plugin.

Ora, attivare la nuova versione del plugin nel menu plugin del pannello di amministrazione di WP.

How to Install – Installazione

If you have never use this plugin or a previous version, you have extract the archive file (.zip) and upload the folder social-bookmarking-reloaded in wp-content/plugins of your web space.

Than activate the plugin in plugin menu of admin control pannel.

Se non si ha mai installato una versione precedente del plugin, è necessario estrarre il contenuto del file .zip e caricare la cartella social-bookmarking-reloaded e i suoi file nella directory wp-content/plugins che si trova sullo spazio web che ospita WordPress. www.facebook

Successivamente manca solo di attivare il plugin nel menu plugin del pannello di controllo dell’amministratore.

If you need help, please leave me a comment. I am really happy if you are going to give me help in order to develop the next versions of plug-in or just testing. www.facebook

In caso di necessità , lasciare un commento. Sarei felice se qualcuno volesse darmi una mano con le prossime versioni del plugin sia come sviluppatore sia come beta-tester (ma anche o l’uno o l’altro).

Ulteriori informazioni sui social bookmarking, solo in italiano:

Some blogs which use Social Bookmarking RELOADED:

Alcuni siti che fanno uso di Social Bookmarking RELOADED:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.facebook,,,,,, …


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  2. Ciao, e complimenti per l’ottimo plugin per wordpress.
    Io vorrei sapere cosa devo modificare del file php per far si che tutto il plugin venga visualizzato in una parte differente della pagina.
    Non so ancora dove sistemarlo, devo fare alcuni test, ma principalmente vorrei provare sotto il logo, oppure sotto ai tag che nel mio template sono sotto il post!

    Vi ringrazio in anticipo e continuate cosi’!

  3. I post the same request also in english 😉 :
    i’d like to know what to modify to move the whole plugin in a different location of the article page.
    i still don’t know where to put it, but i’ll try after the post title or under the tags that in my template are under the post text!
    thank you very much 😉

  4. C’è una funzione che permette di visualizzare le icone dove si vuole. Ora non mi ricordo più bene, dovrebbe essere social_bookmarks();

  5. any way of implementing the name of the post when u post to social sites? I am using the socialize plugin and when u post to say twitter it grabs the name of a certain blog post and of course the permalink at the same time… I really like your plug in though much better but how can I add that feature? because as of right now it only grabs the permalink but not the title of the post let me know what file I must edit to get that working!

    Thanks in advance.

  6. When you use social bookmarking reloaded pressing an icon, you get both links and title complete already.
    Using Twitter you get only a link and then you can write something.

  7. Very nice post. Thank you.

  8. Ussualy I use digg and /. To share my post

  9. “When you use social bookmarking reloaded pressing an icon, you get both links and title complete already.
    Using Twitter you get only a link and then you can write something.”

    Any way of forcing the title when using twitter?

  10. Could I request that you add Orkut (by Google) to your list of sites in Social Bookmarking Reloaded. It is the most popular site in Brazil

  11. Your plug-in breaks WP-prettyPhoto’s ability to use the lightbox for video posts. Just thought you’d like to know.

  12. Very nice . Thank you.

  13. Can you give me an example or take a snapshot?

  14. I’m going to add it as soon as possible (2-3 days)

  15. I will try to find a solution for you.

  16. Congratulations for this wonderful plugin. I’m Italian but I want all the people here to know what I think 🙂

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  19. Ciao Valent, cosa ne dici di provare questo?
    Facci sapere.

  20. Grazie ma non prevedo di utilizzarlo.

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  22. Hi there,

    really love the plugin, thank you very much.

    One thing I couldn’t work out – I want to place the icons on a different place in my page than below the post. Can you tell me the line of code I would manually need to ad in my site template file to pull the icons?

    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards from Switzerland,

  23. Congratulations for this wonderful plugin. I’m Italian but I want all the people here to know what I think

  24. Very useful plug-in this one. However, I would prefer if the icons were a little bigger and they also had labels. Is there any way I can do that.

  25. To have bigger icons, you can resize it using a photo/picture editor. If you you a small number of icons, can you tell me what icons you use, so I can help you to adjust them.

  26. Great plugin, I had tried several others but the result was not what I was expecting… hope this one will match my needs.

  27. Hi, thanks for the plugin. I’ve a fix for if there are tags in the title of a post.

    before line 396.

    We’re using this on a few of our University sites. Thanks again.

  28. I am going to test it before commit the fix.

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  30. Plugin is awesome- but I have one issue.
    If I try to go an edit a post, when I click on publish- it adds another layer of social icons. I now have the ones in the post itself, and the ones auto added by the plugin. If I go and deactivate the plugin, the edited post is the only one that still has social icons, as they were literally hard coded into the post itself. I can’t delete them, as they keep being readded. Any ideas? How can I prevent this from happening?

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  32. Post an example (url).
    It’s the first time I heard about this noisy bug…

  33. Good plugin. If you would like to win the best social sharing plugin award in my eyes please add..

    1) Larger icons (at least 32×32)

    2) Labels under the icon

    3) A mail-to option

    4) Feed option

    Now that would be a plugin 😉

    Thanks again

  34. Thank your for your suggestions. They will probably add to next versions or a special edition of plug-in.

  35. A helpful post I must say. Thank you for making social bookmarking easy.

  36. Social Bookmarking RELOADED

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