Emulazione virtuale

VirtualBox 1.5.2

Ecco le novità, correzione e modifiche del nuovo VirtualBox 1.5.2 rilasciato 18-10-2007:

* Windows Installer: fixed installation on Windows 2000 hosts
* Windows Installer: proper warning when installing a 32-bit VirtualBox version on 64-bit Windows and vice versa
* Linux Installer: no longer require license acceptance during install, instead at first GUI startup (addresses issues with hanging installer on Debian based distributions)
* GUI: added user registration dialog
* GUI: fixed crashes on 64-bit Linux hosts
* GUI: several fixes and improvements to seamless mode
* GUI: fixed DirectDraw mode with certain video cards (e.g. Intel i915)
* GUI: fixed incorrect guest resolution after leaving fullscreen mode
* GUI: improved keyboard handling on Linux host
* GUI: show fatal VM aborts (aka “Guru Meditation”)
* GUI: fixed crashes due to a display update race condition on some systems
* GUI: added ACPI shutdown option to the VM close dialog
* GUI: NLS improvements
* BIOS: fixed floppy boot menu
* BIOS: expose the VM UUID in the DMI/SMBIOS area
* VGA: fixed CGA video modes
* VGA: fixed 8-bit DAC handling (Solaris setup)
* VMM: fixed issue with VT-x on Windows 64-bit hosts
* VMM: improved compatibility with Linux KVM
* VMM: fixed issues with Fedora 8 guests
* VMM: fixed fatal errors while installing Windows guests when using AMD-V
* VMM: fixed sporadic hangs when minimizing VM window and using VT-x/AMD-V
* VMM: fixed high load of ksoftirq on tickless Linux hosts
* VMM: fixed Windows 2000 guests hangs related to IRQ sharing
* VMM: fixed sporadic errors during openSUSE 10.3 installation
* VMM: fixed issue with Linux 2.6.23 guests
* VMM: fixed issues with Solaris guests
* VMM: fixed stability issue related to incorrect relocations
* Serial: significantly reduced CPU utilization
* Network: fixed issues with FreeBSD guests
* Network: added MII support (100MBit detection fix)
* Network: improved MAC address handling
* Network: added PXE release logging
* IDE: large reads from CD could exceed the I/O buffer size
* Audio: load ALSA dynamically on Linux (i.e. do not fail when ALSA is not present)
* VRDP: support additional RDP clients (SunRay, WinConnect, Mac OS X)
* VRDP: fixed issues when client color depth is higher than server color depth
* VRDP: make PAM authentication service name configurable
* VRDP: increased stack size to deal with stack consuming PAM library calls
* Additions: various fixes and enhancements to clipboard handling
* Windows Additions: fixed issues with Additions on NT 4 guests
* Windows Additions: added support for 8-bit video modes
* Windows Additions: allow specifying custom resolutions for secondary screens
* Windows Additions: several fixes and improvements for DirectDraw
* Windows Additions: improved the mouse filter driver compatibility with other mouse drivers
* Linux Additions: several fixes and enhancements to Shared Folders
* Linux Additions: added support for Server 1.4
* Shared folders: fixed MS Powerpoint access issues (Linux host)
* API: fixed RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE startup error on Windows hosts
* API: fixed SMP race condition on Linux hosts
* API: fixed stability issues on Windows hosts in low memory conditions

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